Ensuring our financial viability – 2009 to 2011
Adopted by the Board of Trustees – October 15, 2009

Ensuring our financial viability
The current financial climate creates many challenges. Our ability to flourish as a congregation in part depends on our capability to weather this financial storm and build a strong financial foundation for the future, including a sustainable stream of revenue. We should be responsible financial stewards while staying true to our core congregational values. We aim to be proactive and innovative – pragmatically balancing the needs of both the short term and the long term.

  • Climate of giving: We seek to create a climate that fosters giving by:
    • Keeping the congregation updated on our financial situation, and clearly communicating the purpose and needs for funds
    • Engaging in innovative campaigns such as matching/challenges
    • Recognizing and appreciating donor contributions.
  • Special purpose giving: We recognize that many donors are particularly motivated by unique needs that connect with their own values and interests. We aim to communicate our needs for special funding (i.e., to foster youth programming, facilities upkeep, mortgage reduction, etc.) and proactively engage with donors who have the financial means and inclination to provide funding. We will provide annual reporting to let these donors know where the funds have been used, and how they have made a difference to Bet Shalom.
  • Fund raising events and opportunities: Our goal is to foster innovation and creativity as we plan our future fund raising events. To this end, we envision a speaker event and other events which increase appeal to both congregants and the community at large. We will also actively consider adding new fund raising events within each calendar year.
  • Endowment: An endowment is critical to our ability to flourish as a congregation over the long term. We seek to proactively encourage planned giving and take a more active role in promoting estate planning. We hope to launch a formal endowment campaign as quickly as possible given the overall economic climate. We seek to employ endowed chairs and specific endowment funds to tap into the individual passions of our donors.
  • Facilities: We have a beautiful campus – both our building and our outdoors space – yet it requires constant maintenance and upkeep. We will act as responsible stewards, recognizing that proactive maintenance in the short term will prevent more costly longer term problems.
  • Volunteers: We recognize that some work can be done by volunteers to control costs. We actively identify volunteer opportunities and are proactive in recruiting congregants to get more involved.