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Building Sacred Community. Applying Study to Our Lives. Enriching Our Souls. Repairing the World.

Bet Shalom is a warm and welcoming Reform Jewish congregation, founded in 1981, that provides a sacred community for applying study to our lives, enriching our souls, and repairing the world around us. It is our vision that the people of Bet Shalom are empowered by Jewish values, motivated to lead active Jewish lives, and enabled to contribute to a better world.

Bet Shalom is a community, as well as a congregation. We are single, married, widowed and divorced. We are LGBTQ, and we are straight. We are single parents, coupled parents, Jews by birth and Jews by choice. We are proud of this diversity and provide a variety of ways for each individual to express his or her Judaism.

A Review of Holiday Sermons

Rosh Hashanah

"The Modern Jewish Paradox" Rabbi Locketz (video)

"Fear + Love = Awe" Rabbi Crimmings (video)

Yom Kippur

"One Community, Many Voices" Rabbi Locketz (video)

"Torat Emet | The Half Life of Facts" Rabbi Crimmings (video)

Yom Kippur Yizkor

"Ain't That The Way" Rabbi Locketz/Rabbi Crimmings/Cantor Schwartz (video)